Called Strongyle, “the round one”, in ancient times because of its apparent cone shape, Stromboli is the most northerly and most easterly of the islands in the Eolian arcipelago. Its central position has earned in the name of “umbilicus of the Mediterranean”.

It is 120 miles from Naples, 36 miles from Capo Vaticano in Calabria and 44 from Milazzo. The island is 12.6 but only about 5 sq. km. are inhabites. Territorially it belongs to the province of Messina and is administered by the district council of Lipari.

Stromboli and Ginostra are the only villages, with a total of 553 resident. Ginostra has the smallest port in the world. Stromboli is a climatic paradise and has hot summers with cool winds and mild winters.

Described by Pliny the Elder as seat of the kingdom of Aeolus, God and governor of the winds, the island can be reached by ferry or hydrofoil. Daily services are run by the shipping companies of SIREMAR (090/986016) and USTICA LINES (090/986003). In the months from June to September services run from Naples, Milazzo, Messina and Palermo, the rest of the year only from Naples and Milazzo.


Once you arrive, is possible to use an electric taxi to reach the hotel, the residence, or the house reserved. It costs 10,00 euro. At the same places is possible to take informations reguarding  boat trip, volcano excursions, and else.