Starting from Scari, the boat tour of the island offers a view of the beautiful black beach of Ficogrande. 



This beach, as well as that of Scari, until World War I hosted big sailing ships that made the Stromboli merchant marine one of the most important in the Aeolian archipelago. At the end of the north side of the island, dubbed Punta Labronzo, it appears the "Sciara del Fuoco", the big black bowl in which flock for centuries the lava of the volcano. From this point , during the night, is possible see the spectacle of the Stromboli volcano in activity: the lava flows appear to torrents of fire, while the darkness is dispelled by the bright beams of radioactive fire. Often the crater launches incandescent boulders, of enormous proportions, which fan out, leaving a myriad of radioactive rain like meteor shower. Continuing, we arrive in the small picturesque village of Ginostra. The village lies in a vast amphitheater, with its rocky cliffs and dominant houses located among prickly pears and olive groves that cover the entire area. After Ginostra successive ridges of rock alternating with landslides of rocks and sandy gullies. From here, you will return to the black beach of Scari.